Specification of Tubes for Stove Making

Below specifications can be found of the plastic tubes used for making the the moulds in which the various parts of the stove are cast. 

Specifying-Tubes-used-as-Moulds-1 (1)


  • The stove has got five parts: chimney(s), a chimney block, and a semi-circular combustion chamber. All parts are made of locally produced burnt bricks. They are finely granulated and mixed with cement – ratio 3:1. All outer moulds are slit from top to bottom so that they can easily be opened when the moulds are to be removed. They are held together by cords tied around them except for the outer tube for the firing chamber where a bolt is used.  
  •  The firing chamber is divided into two cylindrical parts by plastic or acrylic rails. A wooden brick is fastened to one of the dividers. A round wooden stick is slit halfway through so that it can be removed without removing the divider or acrylic rail.

The wooden parts of the dividers serve:

1.    to secure the same distance everywhere between the inner and outer moulds when casting the combustion chamber

2.    to provide an opening at the bottom of the chamber for fire wood  and air

3.    to allow smoke to pass from the chamber  into the chimney block at the top of the chamber


The same cement mix is used for all parts of the stove. It consists of locally made burnt bricks, which are granulated and mixed with cement, ratio 3,5:1. The mix should be so stiff that it is possible to make a ball with it. This results in a flameproof concrete stove, which is semi-insulated and ready for use after a week.